Friday, 11 August 2017

Boeing flight log - August 11

Delivery flights

= Shandong Airlines 737-85N B-1441 msn 61436 ln 6526 flew away Aug 11-14 BFI-HNL-MAJ-GUM-TSN flying as CDG1441.  Continued Aug 15 TSN-TNA flying as CDG9003.

= Hainan Airlines 737-86N B-1492 msn 60693 LN 6527 flew away Aug 11-14 BFI-HNL-GUM-HAK flying as CHH1492 with 11 people on board.  Leased from GECAS.

= Hainan Airlines 737-84P B-1491 msn 63613 ln 6520 flew away Aug 11-15 BFI-HNL-GUM-TSN-HAK flying as CHH1491 with 11 people on board.  Leased from Bank of Communications Financial Leasing.

= United Airlines 737-824 N77539 msn 63642 ln 6522 flew away BFI-MIA flying as UAL2686 for winglet installation.

= Norwegian Air International 737-8 Max EI-FYF msn 42829 ln 6430 flew away Aug 11-12 BFI-OSL flying as NAX7M with 4 people on board.  Leased from Arctic Aviation.

First flights

= China Southern Airlines 737-81B B-1408 msn 63235 ln 6536 flew RNT-MWH-BFI as BOE406.  Hex code 780297.  Aircraft is already painted in customer livery.

= China Southern Airlines 737-81B B-1400 msn 63244 ln 6544 flew RNT-MWH-BFI as BOE407.  Hex code 7802B0.

= Aeroflot 737-8LJ VP-BNC msn 41234 LN 6543 flew RNT-MWH-BFI as BOE123.  Hex code 424345.  Leased from Avia Capital Leasing.


= Aeroflot 737-8MC VP-BNP msn 44438 ln 6524 out of stall C9 and flew BFI-BFI as BOE847 with 4 people on board.  Leased from SB Leasing Ireland.

= Kuwait Airways 777-369ER 9K-AOM msn 62570 ln 1514 flew PAE-PAE as BOE785.

= US Air Force KC-46A N464KC msn 41274 ln 1066 returned to BFI from NHK flying as BOE464.

= American Airlines 787-9 N829AN msn 40651 ln 587 flew BFI-BFI with 10 people on board flying as BOE455.  Wearing test reg N8572C but still pinging hex code for N8572A!

= Southwest Airlines 737-8H4 N8544Z msn 36926 ln 6534 flew GEG-BFI as BOE977, returning from painting.  Parked in stall C6.

= AirBridgeCargo Airlines 747-83QF VP-BBY msn 63781 ln 1541 flew PDX-MWH-PAE as BOE607 after painting at Portland.

Photo credit : Royal Scott King

Production tables and departure times for all of the above are all on my spreadsheet here.

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