Saturday, 12 August 2017

Boeing flight log - August 12

Delivery flights

= Air China 787-9 B-1466 msn 34314 ln 589 flew away on delivery in the early hours CHS-PEK flying as CCA048, however diverted back to CHS after circling for 30 mins (dumping fuel?) and arrived back in CHS 1 hour later.  Second attempt 1.5 hours later went without a hitch, flying again on the same callsign.

First flights

= China Eastern Airlines 737-89P B-1308 msn 63762 ln 6539 flew RNT-PAE-BFI as BOE587.  Hex code 780457.  Leased from Pembroke Capital (a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank).


= Shanghai Airlines 737-89P B-1452 msn 63046 ln 6545 was due to make first flight but instead just performed a taxi test and returned to the stall.  Hex code 7811D0.  Leased from China Eastern Airlines.

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