Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Boeing flight log - August 9

Delivery flights

= Lion Air 737-8 PK-LQH msn 42996 ln 6441 flew away on delivery Aug 9-11 BFI-HNL-GUM-CGK flying as LNI01 with 7 people on board.

= Aeroflot 737-8MC VP-BPF msn 44436 ln 6506 flew away on delivery Aug 9-10 BFI-KEF-SVO flying as AFL7647.  Leased from SB Leasing Ireland.

First flights

= Scoot Pte 787-8 9V-OFJ msn 37126 ln 599 flew PAE-MWH-PAE as BOE861.  Hex code 76BCCA.  Named "Bo Jio".

Photo credit: Jen Schuld

Video credit : Dipankar Bhakta

= Kuwait Airways 777-369ER 9K-AOM msn 62570 ln 1514 flew PAE-MWH-PAE as BOE785.  Hex code 70605F.

= Lion Air 737-8 PK-LQG msn 42995 ln 6448 flew RNT-MWH-BFI as BOE207.  Hex code 8A0681.  Leased from Transportation Partners Pte Ltd.

= Shandong Airlines 737-85N B-1442 msn 61437 ln 6541 flew RNT-MWH-GEG as BOE251 wearing temp reg N1796B.  Hex code 781172.  Will be painted at GEG.

= Southwest Airlines 737-8 N8710M msn 42567 ln 6188 flew RNT-BFI as BOE010.  Hex code ABFC71.

= US Navy P-8A (737-8FV) 169334 msn 63181 ln 6440 flew RNT-BFI as BOE072 wearing temp reg N839DS.


= Norwegian Air UK 787-9 G-CKNA msn 38784 ln 593 flew PAE-PAE as BOE253.  Named "Freddie Mercury - British Rock Legend".  Leased from Aercap.

= KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 787-9 PH-BHM msn 38776 ln 597 flew PAE-PAE as BOE242.  Named "Marquerite/Margriet".  Leased from Aercap.  Hex code A00B74 suggests it was still wearing temp reg N1015B.

= Hainan Airlines 737-84P B-1491 msn 63613 ln 6520 flew BFI-MWH-BFI as BOE039.  Leased from Bank of Communications Financial Leasing.

= American Airlines 787-9 N829AN msn 40651 ln 587 flew CHS-CHS as BOE455.  Hex code suggests it was still wearing temp reg N8572A, however believed to be an error as it was seen arriving BFI next day wearing N8572C.

= American Airlines 737-823 N344PP msn 31232 ln 6531 flew BFI-MWH-BFI as BOE147.

Departure times for all and production tables are all on my spreadsheet here.

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