Tuesday, 22 October 2019

It is time

When it reaches the point where ex-cargo airline pilots are posting your blog entries in full on aviation forums as their own work, without any credit, source link, back-link or even having the courtesy to ask permission, you know you have reached the absolute epitome of piss-taking.  There is only so much a person can take before being pushed beyond breaking point.

It was bad enough seeing Chris Edwards and Manolis Katsafarkis (Boeing Test Flights Per Day) copying all my work every day and reposting it as their own (deliberate errors included!) without a single credit to me, but now I discover that it's all being copied and reposted into private Facebook groups pretty much word for word as well.

This is in addition to all the for-profit companies stealing my work and reselling it (with deliberate errors included!) for commercial gain, namely Alexandre Avrane (yes, I see you running your bot scraper on my blog every night), Thomas Jaeger, FreeBird, ADU, FlightRadar24, to name a few of the obvious ones.  Perhaps you'd all like to forward me your original applications for re-use as I seem to have missed them or do you believe that Copyright law does not apply to you?

1. Never bite the hands that feeds you.

2. You reap what you sow.

It is time for this blog to close.

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