Friday 12 May 2017


Hello viewers!

Over the past month or so I have received a considerable number of messages on various matters and to save repeating myself in replies I've decided to address them all here.

Q. Why are you taking days to publish posts now?  You used to post updates faster and it's not acceptable!

A. I try to post in a timely manner but unlike some people I don't have the luxury of being able to spend 10 hours a day constantly monitoring the flight trackers and radios for movements.  Work and family time takes precedence, obviously, and I also travel a fair bit for work so some days I just don't get a break.

Q. Your data is wrong!  'X' website shows it as 'y' and you have it listed incorrectly as 'z'.

A. I get a lot of these messages and they are becoming increasingly tiresome.  I started my blog because of the shortcomings and inaccuracies found on other websites and also after my offers to help them were declined.  I am fastidious for accuracy and pride myself on that so it irks me somewhat when people tell me my data is wrong simply based on what is written on another website that has been around longer than I have.  Furthermore, I have yet to see one these "corrections" actually being correct.

Sure, I make the occasional spelling mistake or typo and in those cases I welcome the 'heads up' but please, if you're going to message me complaining that my data doesn't match another site make sure you've got proof to back it up!

Q. Why are you no longer showing the firing order months in advance?  Other websites show the data so why not you?

A. The short answer:  Please feel free to use those other websites then!  The longer answer: There are a number of different factors at play and requires some careful balancing to try and keep all parties happy.  I would like nothing more than to publish the firing order months in advance for you guys, but Boeing really do not like data leaks of that magnitude and my Boeing sources ask that I keep it short if I want the data flow to continue.  As a result of that I am limiting the future production to mostly what is already outside and visible to the general public.

Q. Why did you remove your production table sheet?

A. I had a number of complaints that it was too laggy and slow to load and there is no easy fix to that without splitting the data across a lot more tabs which I'm not prepared to do.  The sheet also requires some work to limit what data is displayed publicly as the current format means I have to maintain 2 sheets which is too time-consuming.  I plan to have the sheet and link back up again soon.

Q. Your blog is awesome!  I've only just discovered it and never knew it even existed!  Why do you not post on Facebook and Twitter?  Are you mad?!  Do you not know anything about social media and self-promotion?!  What is wrong with you??

A lot of viewers have suggested posting basic movement details on Twitter when stuff happens so that they get an instant notification of it.  I have considered this but as I've said above I don't always have the luxury of being able to post stuff as it happens and that's really what Twitter is designed for.  In the worst case scenario it could potentially be 24 hours or more after the event before I get the opportunity to 'tweet'.  As there has been a lot of pressure to do this I intend to trial it and see how it works out but I'm making no promises on its long term future.  Here is the link to my Twitter page.  Feel free to 'follow' it.  Please note it will only be used to communicate noteworthy production movements like first flights, delivery flights.  I will also 'tweet' new hex code tie-ups as they are discovered for my large following of hex code fans.  What I will not be 'tweeting' about is random unrelated crap such as what I had for my breakfast nor anything not directly related to the production.

As for Facebook - not a chance, sorry!

Q. I love your work - can I support you in any way?  I don't see a Paypal button.

A. Your support and kind words are very much appreciated and make my efforts worthwhile.  I don't need any financial support, thank you, that is why there is no Paypal button.  The info is provided free of charge!  I may look into something like Patreon in the future where it is completely transparent and open for supporters to become Patreons and pledge a small amount if they wish to do so, but it's not something that's currently on my radar.  My blog will always be free.


  1. Well put Tyke, thin it out and spread it, there's no prizes for being the fastest just the most accurate in the long run, good work.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Madfox