Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Batik Air Malaysia 737-8 Max 9M-LRG first flight & pic

Batik Air Malayisa 737-8 9M-LRG msn 42988 ln 6222 first flight from RNT Jun 6 flying as BOE204.  Hex code 75041E which is miscoded as that belongs to 9M-LRC.  It should be using 750421 and was using that on April 27 when doing ground radio checks at RNT so how it has ended up with 75041E is a mystery.

Seen here landing at BFI.  There have been some paint quality issues with the engine cowlings which is (one of) the reasons(s) why there has been very few Max flights over the past few weeks, and which probably explains what you are seeing in the photo below.  Registration still be painted on too, rather than the crude sticker.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Batik Air Malaysia 9M-LRG LN6222

Photo credit : Huy Do

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