Saturday, 15 July 2017

Vacation downtime

Good afternoon fans and followers!  I trust you are all well.  :-)

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am now away on vacation until August so there will not be any updates during this period.  Sorry that the updates of late have not been as timely as you've been used to but there have been some issues that I've been forced to address which has taken up my time.  Hopefully they will no longer be a problem now that I've learned how to digitally sign, time and date stamp internet pages, but time will tell.

The aforementioned issues have caused me to have a rethink on how I present the data to you and there will likely be some changes when I return, but fear not!  This will still be your 'One-stop shop' for the best Boeing production data available.  You all know by now that I only deal with FACTS here, not bull**** !

See you soon and take care!

Old Tyke

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  1. Booo! No updates for 2 weeks? What am I going to do? That means I will have to talk to the Wife. Do you see what you've done Tyke? Tyke??!

    Enjoy your break Sir, you have earned it. The other so-called blogs can't hold a candle to your work here. Looking forward your return.

    Regards, Terry B.