Tuesday 27 August 2019


A couple of snippets of info :

787 LN 892 is now known to be B-20CJ for China Southern Airlines.

737 LN 7678 is now known to be XA-MAZ for Aeroméxico.

737 LN 7657 was for ICBC for lease to Jet Airways, now shows for SpiceJet, despite apparently sporting the new Blue Air rudder colors.  Investigating further.  Blue Air may have had a change of heart as LN 7672 was also for them through ALC but is now going to Somon Air instead.  No registrations allocated yet for either frame.

787 LN 891 still shows for Hainan Airlines Holding and is expected to be stored in the coming days.  The decal was only applied for a short term event honouring the Boeing Community Fund and it was partly associated with the Boeing Classic golf tournament last week.  Status of the original plan to be operated by Hong Kong Airlines is still unknown.

The other Hainan Airlines Holding 787 frames still show as such.

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