1. Peter Evers (747classic)9 June 2019 at 09:19

    What happened with L/N 7542 for KLM
    Several other 737NG's built after this 737-8K2 have already been delivered.

  2. No idea to be honest. It does happen from time to time and could be a result of gun target practice whilst enroute to Renton on the train, requiring some new panels.

  3. By the way Peter, in response to the user 'Inkjet' on your Dutch forum site, the 6 (not 5) NGs for CUA are indeed expected to be delivered after the KLM. I read a comment from a Chinese guy saying they will stay at BFI until Daxing airport opens as there is no room for them at Nanyuan. Daxing is expected to open in the autumn of this year I believe so they will be there for some time yet unless Boeing ferries them out to external storage.

    It is also worth noting that certain "expert" bloggers may be jumping the gun with their Twitter post claims that LN 7597 is the last pax NG seeing as there are still 2 pax -800s unaccounted for remaining on Boeing's books beyond this frame number.

    Thanks for your message about the 747s - noted.